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Vintage from 1950-80 Soviet Union

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Antique umbrellas!

Do you like antique umbrellas? Yes?
I have several cool umbrellas in my shop right now, just pick the one you like!
Click the photo!


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Merilin’s Retro shop on Etsy

Many Soviet Union time vintage items available in my shop Merilin’s Retro!


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Owning an Etsy store

Yay! My Etsy store is turning 5!

Owning an Esty store is the coolest job I ever had!
I can work when I like at home or anywhere through the internet and this is the most wonderful part of my business.
Since I quit my day job I have had more time to myself and I can say my attitude is now positive or at least neutral and I control myself on hard situations.

I have more free time, I took meditation classes and yoga class and have read a lot of spiritual books.  I see who I am and what I have to do here in the Earth in the bigger plan.
I can see how I have grown during the past 5 years and I can’t turn back.
More time to myself means meaningful life and through this I hope to help others.
Vintage store on Etsy

Happy 5th Birthday to my Etsy Store! 🙂



Tagadi flea market

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Tagadi Restorers Market

Our biggest antique and old car restorers market was held yesterday in Tagadi, Estonia.
Bought many interesting items, will list them soon in my Etsy shop!
Tagadi flea market Tagadi flea market Tagadi flea market Tagadi flea market Tagadi flea market Tagadi flea market Tagadi flea market

Tagadi flea market Tagadi flea market

SaveCheck my Etsy shop for cool items!

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Rabbit fur coat!

Wouldn’t it be great your child wearing this beauty?
It’s for 4-5 year old children and from 1960’s Soviet Union Estonia. In excellent condition.
Available here:

child's fur coat

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Child’s sewing machine

Vintage Russian child’s sewing machine with the metal case from 1960’s.
Available here:

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Vintage wooden chess

A great vintage wooden chess set with wooden board/box, made in the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1950’s. Chess pieces are wooden and varnished. 16 yellow and 16 black buttons. Complete set!
Buy here:

Vintage chess by Merilin's Retro