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Owning an Etsy store

Yay! My Etsy store is turning 5!

Owning an Esty store is the coolest job I ever had!
I can work when I like at home or anywhere through the internet and this is the most wonderful part of my business.
Since I quit my day job I have had more time to myself and I can say my attitude is now positive or at least neutral and I control myself on hard situations.

I have more free time, I took meditation classes and yoga class and have read a lot of spiritual books.  I see who I am and what I have to do here in the Earth in the bigger plan.
I can see how I have grown during the past 5 years and I can’t turn back.
More time to myself means meaningful life and through this I hope to help others.
Vintage store on Etsy

Happy 5th Birthday to my Etsy Store! 🙂




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Merilin’s Retro

The new Etsy shop design is launched!
Browse my vintage items and find your favorites!
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Beautiful Russian Postcards!

I have many sets of different Russian New Year and winter themed postcards in my store!
Come and check them out here!
Russian Postcards by Merilin's Retro

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Fairy Tale Collection

Fairy Tale by MerilinsRetro
My new Fairy Tale Etsy treasury!
Find out some more beautiful items:

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