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Vintage from 1950-80 Soviet Union

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Merilin’s Retro

The new Etsy shop design is launched!
Browse my vintage items and find your favorites!
Vintage Kitchen
Vintage Home
Soviet Vintage Toys
Vintage Fashion
Vintage Accessories
Vintage Textile
Soviet Memorabilia
Stay Retro!

Merilins Retro


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Discount in the vintage store!

Got 1000 sales yesterday and having a sale in my shop!
Use coupon code 1000sales and get 10% off.
I have over 500 items in my store. Pick your favorite and pay less!
Stay retro!
Merilin's Retro

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1000 sales!

Yay! Celebrating 1000 sales today!
I was able to leave my full time job and be a stay at home mom and totally depend on Etsy. Now, after three years of selling, I have reached my 1000 sales! Such a blessing!!
Thank you all! Best, Merilin
Merilin's Retro

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Etsy new tool ‘Shop updates’

Another example from my Etsy shop page how to use the behind the scenes tool for creating the brand around my products. It’s a prototype version yet, see my previous post to find out more.
Etsy calls it ‘Shop updates’ but I’m not very sure about this name…though the tool is awesome. I see tons of possibilities to use it!
Posts can be pretty easily share on social media, I use Pinterest and Instagram. Wanted to use Facebook as well, but the shared picture doesn’t look good because of the FB landscape format.

You could post photos only through your iPhone and tag one item from your shop on each photo you post. Etsy places orange price tag to each photo which you can move to desired position. Also, you may write a short description.

Merilin's Retro

More here:

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Etsy behind the scenes photos

Etsy is creating a new tool called ‘Shop Photos’ that allows to add some behind the scenes photos to my shop!
It’s not launched yet, is still a prototype, but I think it’s awesome opportunity to create a unique brand around your products!
I’m very excited about this, I’s very easy to use through phone app and you can share the pictures throughout the social media.

See my photos here:

Merilin's Retro

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My Etsy treasury today!

Fantasy World by Merilin's Retro

See the trasury here!

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Cool find!

Look at this cool carafe! It is made of birch bark and has glass bottle or carafe inside!

See more pictures here:

Cool carafe!

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