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Top Ten Thrifting finds in 2014

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The list of my top ten thrifting finds from the year! Things I like the most.

This my true favorite! Has so perfect shape! Bakelite desk lamp from 1930’s.Bakelite desk lamp

This is an amazing find. It is beautiful very heavy glass ball with bubbles inside. Very lovely and shiny.
Glass Ball

Typewriter Olympia Progress from year 1948 in working order. Just beautiful!
Typewriter Olympia

Next is large Native American Rug. Gorgeous pattern and colors! Native American Rug

Old photo album from 1950’s Estonia.   Full of great nostalgic pictures!Photo Album

Wonderful hand made large Birch Bark Bread Box from Russia.Birch bark bread box

Interesting Welding Goggles with leather head band.Welding Goggles

Rustic Large Beer Mug. Wonderful hand crafted medieval style tankard from Estonia.Beer Mug

Polka Dot Tin Canisters! They are so sweet and are bringing back memories from my childhood.Tin Canisters

Marbled Glass Vase from 1930’s. Beautiful Art Deco vase with great round shape!Marbled Glass Vase

And I have so many lovely finds, some of them I’ll keep and other are here:

So, I hope you enjoyed my little list of favorite thrifting finds for 2014.


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