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Soviet Union Youth Propaganda Newspaper

Soviet Newspaper

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Rare Russian Propaganda Newspaper Pionerskaya Pravda (Пионе́рская Пра́вда) for Soviet Union USSR young Scouts. May 1-st 1973 edition.
Contains short stories and news in color for Labor Day. Pionerskaya Pravda (“Truth for Young Pioneers”) promotes Soviet Union States values for young Scouts. Published by the Central Committee of Komsomol.
“Pioneer – young brother of Komsomol! Komsomol – young brother of communist!”

The newspaper has been founded March 6, 1925 in Moscow. In 1970s and 1980s its circulation approached 10,000,000 (almost every child in the Soviet Union had subscription). Its title follows the name of the main Soviet newspaper, Pravda, as did multiple other newspapers.

Rare piece since most of newspapers were destroyed in the 1990’s.
Fond it from my summer house where the Russian tourists stayed occasionaly in the Soviet time.