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Where is Estonia?

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North coast of Estonia

North coast of Estonia

Estonia is a small country located in northern Europe. It covers an area of just 45,227 km2 (17,413 sq mi) and has a population of about 1.35 million.
The country has a long history, and the territory was long sort after because it was seen as a strategically important area. In the last century the country was occupied by Germany during World War II and twice by the Soviet Union.
In 1991 Estonia regained its independence from the Soviet Union after the collapse of the USSR. Since this time the country has joined the European Union and adopted the Euro as their official currency. Let’s find out exactly where this important country is located.


Estonia is located in northern Europe. Specifically it is located south of Finland (separated by the Gulf of Finland), east of Sweden (separated by the Baltic sea), north of Latvia and west of Russia.

The economy of Estonia is often described as the Baltic Tiger because of its rapid growth. Electronics, telecommunications, business services, retail, and information technology are the major sectors in the Estonian economy. The country is nicknamed E-stonia as it is almost completely wired. Skype, that offers free calls over the Internet to millions of people worldwide is designed by Estonian developers. Tourism also contributes to the country’s economy.

Did you know?

Internationally Estonia is often classified as a Baltic country because of where it is located. Estonians are often offended by this label because the culture and language of the country is much more closely related to the Nordic countries.


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  1. I went to Estonia in 1997, du ring winter. Have some great memories. Nice places to see, specialy the old part of the City. Cool place to visit and chat with Nice people. 😊

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