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What is the difference between USSR, Soviet Union and Russia?


USSR = Soviet Union = Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
now Russia = Russian Federation
in times of USSR Russia = RSFSR = Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and was part of USSR
before USSR Russia = Russian Empire

Russia is the modern country name. It’s like France or Spain. The name of the country. Soviet Union and USSR is the same thing. (USSR = Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) That’s history. It was a union of 15 Socialist (note Not Communist) republics:

History Atlas for 5 grade

History Atlas for 5 grade


And that union was called USSR.
It broke up about 20 years ago and now all these nations run independently. One of those nations is Russia (Russian Federation).



12 thoughts on “What is the difference between USSR, Soviet Union and Russia?

  1. Beg your pardon – Soviet Union! Russia was only a part. Thanks so much for joining my fun! I enjoyed looking at some of the items in your shop – so interesting! I have a friend who lived in Lithuania during the Soviet era and she has many fascinating stories to tell, as I’m sure you do, too.

  2. This is one of the clearest history lessons I’ve come across. Actually helpful bc my 2nd grader learned European geography and history last yr. Thx.

  3. this is the most clearest most helpful thing that has even crossed my naked eye before

  4. Thanks this was really helpful, but could you do something about the Korean War and why korea split.

  5. i was fussing too much butt now i am satisfied thanks

  6. This makes no sense. I mean I get it from my reaserch in the Soviet Union but how would someone els know? Maybe add some more details.

  7. Wonderfully simple and clear information.
    Love the photo too!
    Probably your mom right 🙂
    Too bad Russia it seems, has become a dictatorship bent on reconquering all the surrounding countries again through economic corruption and media control. Not to mention camouflaged military presence.
    Years ago I used to meet a lot of friendly people from the old Russian territories. Not so much anymore and when I do their afraid to talk much.

    Thanks again Merlin

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