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My grandpa was a sailor

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My Grandpa in 1930

My grandpa is about 18 in this picture taken in 1930. He is just in the beginning of his sailor career in many years in the most various seas over the world. He sails on different sailing ships and steamships until the WWII.

sailing ship

First, he is just a ship’s boy, then a stoker and finally a cook. He is in the sea near the Britain coast when WWII begins and the ship gets hit by a projectile, but luckily he stays alive when 9 people died.

He was married over 50 years and my grandparents lived both over the 85 years old. My grandpa died in 1999 and grandma said in the hospital, she does not want to live anymore and she died in the same year. They are now together in the small and beautiful cemetery in their home village.


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