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Vintage from 1950-80 Soviet Union

Life in Soviet era.

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I come from former Soviet Union – Estonia. It is located in Northern Europe, near to Finland. Now we have over 20 years an independent country – The Republic of Estonia.
But I grew up in Soviet time and was surrounded by Soviet things. I had a wonderful childhood and we were happy.

In Soviet time was here a lack of everything and everyone just had to buy everyday items whether you needed them or not. Maybe some day you need them or just you can exchange the items with one another.

Because of this after 30-40 years here are still huge amount of unused household things and clothes in excellent condition! Back then the clothes and other items were not so popular because they all were just the same, but now they feel so nostalgic!

To show the wonderful 70-80-s design I opened my Etsy shop in last year.

I sell Soviet era vintage home decor items, accessories, gifts and unique Estonian antique.

You are welcome to visit my shop!


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